Ixion, the Greek mythological figure, is often portrayed as a character having attributes of ambition and determination.

Codixon, a renowned brand established by Proficed, carries a name that holds deep meaning and significance. It is a fusion of two powerful elements: "Code" and "Ixion." The term "Code" represents the very essence of coding and programming, highlighting our expertise in this critical domain. On the other hand, "Ixion" alludes to the Greek mythological figure known for his ambition and defiance of the gods. By combining these elements, Codixon symbolizes our unwavering aspiration for coding excellence and our relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

Under the esteemed brand name of Codixon, Proficed operates its IT business, delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide. Our team comprises skilled professionals who possess a deep passion for coding and a commitment to providing exceptional IT services that meet diverse client requirements.


Codixon offers a comprehensive range of IT solutions tailored to address the unique needs of businesses across industries. From software development and IT consultancy to application maintenance and support, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of technology-driven services. We take great pride in our ability to harness the power of coding and programming to drive digital transformation and create impactful solutions for our clients.

  1. Custom Software Development: Drive growth and efficiency with our tailored software solutions designed to meet your unique business needs. Unlock your business's full potential with our customized technology solutions.
  2. Web Development: Captivate your audience and achieve online success with our professional and dynamic website designs. Delivering impactful websites that drive results and leave a lasting impression.
  3. Dedicated Development Team: Accelerate your product development with our dedicated team of skilled experts. Experience the expertise and commitment that drives your project forward.
  4. Product Development: Bringing innovative ideas to life, delivering market-driven solutions for business success.Driving business success with cutting-edge solutions, transforming innovative ideas into reality.
  5. Ecommerce: Helps businesses build a strong online presence for smooth transactions and wider customer reach in the digital marketplace. Empowers businesses with a reliable online platform to enhance transactions and extend customer reach in the digital market.
  6. Mobile Apps: Empowers businesses with engaging mobile apps for seamless customer experiences on the go.Enhances businesses with captivating mobile applications for smooth customer experiences on the move.
  7. UI/UX Design: Creates intuitive and visually appealing interfaces, elevating user experiences and fostering customer satisfaction.Designs captivating interfaces that enhance user experiences and drive customer satisfaction.
  8. Software Testing & QA: Delivers seamless software testing and quality assurance services. Designs intuitive interfaces that enhance user experiences and drive customer satisfaction.
  9. Enterprise Solution: Provides comprehensive software solutions for enterprise efficiency and strategic success. Delivers streamlined operations and strategic success through comprehensive software solutions for enterprises.

At Codixon, we recognize that the world of technology is constantly evolving. To stay at the forefront of this ever-changing landscape, we embrace a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Our team is committed to expanding their knowledge and skills, ensuring that we deliver the most up-to-date and cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


To explore the full extent of our offerings and understand how Codixon can empower your organization's technological journey, visit our website at . There, you will find detailed information about our services, client success stories, and our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Embrace the potential of Codixon and experience the seamless integration of exceptional coding expertise and an ambitious pursuit of technological advancement. Our mission is to empower businesses with transformative IT solutions that drive growth and success. Visit to unlock a world of possibilities for your IT needs.