Client Reach

Proficed takes immense pride in its esteemed clientele, which comprises a diverse range of organizations from various parts of the world.

With a strong global presence, Proficed has built lasting partnerships with clients from the United States, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, and Germany. This wide geographical reach demonstrates the company's ability to cater to the needs of clients on a global scale.

Proficed client reach
Geographical Reach of Proficed's Clientele


When it comes to the distribution of clients, Proficed serves approximately 69% of its client base in the United States, highlighting the trust and confidence that organizations from this region place in the company's services.

Out of the remaining, 22% of our clients are based in India, while the remaining 9% are from countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, and Germany, showcasing the international reach and reputation of Proficed.

(As of May, 2024)


In terms of revenue generation, Proficed's business model is diversified across three key areas.

Software development and outsourcing contribute to around 77% of the company's overall revenue, underlining its expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients.

Website design and related services account for approximately 16% of the revenue, reflecting the company's ability to create engaging and user-friendly digital experiences.

Lastly, interior design services contribute to about 7% of the revenue, highlighting Proficed's expansion into this creative domain.

(Ref. Annual Report 2021-22)


Proficed considers each client as a valuable partner, and its extensive client portfolio includes prominent organizations from various industries.

From startups to established enterprises, the company has successfully served clients across sectors such as education, agriculture, textiles, healthcare, finance, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, real estate, logistics, travel and hospitality and many more. Proficed's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is reflected in the long-standing relationships it has forged with its esteemed clientele.

  • education
  • agriculture
  • textiles
  • healthcare
  • finance
  • pharmaceuticals
  • ceramics
  • real estate
  • logistics
  • travel and hospitality
(Industries served by Proficed)

Proficed remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, fostering collaborative relationships, and ensuring the success of its valued clients

The company's client roster stands as a testament to its capabilities and the trust it has garnered over the years.

Our corporate maxim reflects our deep-rooted belief in the power of transformation. We are driven to go beyond conventional boundaries, constantly pushing ourselves to explore new horizons and deliver outstanding results. With our comprehensive range of services and solutions, we enable our clients to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable success.

We are passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations to reach new heights of excellence. Through collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement, we aim to create a positive impact on the lives of our clients, employees, and partners.