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Security Measures Taken:

  1. We have implemented a stringent ban on these candidates, ensuring they will not be considered for employment within our company, our subsidiaries, or our affiliated partner companies.
  2. We kindly urge our clients and fellow recruiters within our LinkedIn network, WhatsApp groups, and other social media platforms to refrain from hiring these individuals, as they may have been involved in criminal activities.
  3. We advise background verification firms to reject these candidates during the verification process, as we possess sufficient evidence of their unprofessional, rude, or criminal conduct.
  4. These individuals remain under our scrutiny, and we are prepared to pursue rigorous legal action against them. We will issue demand notices to their postal addresses to recover any applicable losses incurred, including business losses, damage to reputation, and compensation for mental distress resulting from their misconduct, in addition to litigation costs.
  5. We will regularly monitor the social media profiles of these individuals. If we discover they have been hired by other companies, we will notify those companies, cautioning them about the candidates' criminal activities.

Who is added to PLBC?

  1. Candidates who send us abusive messages containing swearwords or profanity.
  2. Candidates who defame us or damage our reputation online, whether on social media or any other channel.
  3. Candidates who commit a crime.
  4. Candidates who cause us losses due to unprofessional or irresponsible behavior, such as not attending scheduled interviews. This results in wasted resources including the Meeting Room expenses, our commute expenses, missed business opportunities during their unavailability, and the potential contributions from other candidates we could have interviewed during this time.

What are the consequences of getting listed on PLBC?

  1. The inclusion in the Public List of Blacklisted Candidates (PLBC) could negatively impact your prospects of securing employment with other companies. It's essential to maintain professionalism, humility, and kindness, and refrain from engaging in illegal activities such as using inappropriate language towards recruiters or defaming them.
  2. We take defamation very seriously, and within the bounds of the law, we enforce stringent actions against candidates who attempt to damage our reputation.

How can I get removed PLBC?

  1. If you believe you have been listed here erroneously or wish to rectify any misunderstandings and resolve the matter amicably, please send an email to In your email, kindly explain why we should remove your name from this list.
  2. P.S.: While your explanation will be considered, please note that its submission does NOT guarantee the removal of your details from the PLBC.